Follow our key to find out which flavours are available in Cupcakes, Celebration Cakes, Wedding Cakes and/or Cake Pops!

Velvety Vanilla
A timeless classic! Moist vanilla sponge with a smooth vanilla buttercream
Velvety “Victoria” Vanilla
Our Velvety Vanilla recipe with an added raspberry jam filling
Double Chocolate
Moist chocolate sponge with a dark Belgian chocolate buttercream
Triple Chocolate
Our Double Chocolate recipe with added chocolate chips (and lots of them!)
Classic Choc Chip
Classic vanilla sponge with added chocolate chips smothered in dark Belgian chocolate buttercream
White Chocolate Whip
Classic Vanilla sponge with white choc chips topped with a white chocolate buttercream
Raspberry Ripple
Vanilla sponge with a raspberry and vanilla buttercream made with a fresh raspberries and vanilla extract
Chocolate and Raspberry Delight
Moist chocolate sponge with raspberry buttercream made with a fresh raspberry coulis
Classic chocolate sponge with a whipped chocolate fudge frosting
Luscious Lemon
Lemon sponge with a lemon buttercream all made with the juice of fresh lemons
Luscious Lemon Special
Our Luscious Lemon recipe with an added lemon curd filling
Mango Madness
Moist Vanilla sponge with Mango buttercream made with mango coulis
Lime in the Coconut
Moist Chocolate sponge with a fresh lime buttercream finished with a sprinkle of desiccated coconut
Funky Monkey
Classic chocolate sponge base with yummy banana flavoured buttercream made with real bananas
Funky Monkey Special
Banana sponge with real bananas and Belgian dark chocolate buttercream
Chocolate sponge with dark Belgian chocolate orange buttercream made with freshly squeezed oranges
Peppermint Perfection
Classic chocolate sponge with dark Belgian chocolate peppermint buttercream
Rum Truffle
Chocolate sponge flavoured with dark rum topped with a dark Belgian chocolate buttercream
Cheeky Cherry Bakewell
Glacé cherries and ground almonds in an almond sponge base with cherry brandy buttercream
Rich Fruit Cake
Rich matured fruit cake (please note due to minimum 3 month maturing time, fruit cake must be ordered in advance)

Can’t see your favourite flavour or want to mix one flavour with another?

No problem!

We are happy to help you get your perfect tasty treat! Just ask!

All our cookies and biscuits can be decorated with royal icing to your specification or left as they come straight from the oven. It’s your choice!
All our cookies and biscuits are available as mini versions for wedding favours.
Vanilla Shortbread
Buttery, sugary biscuit goodness
Choc Chip Cookies
Classic American style cookies baked with milk chocolate chip pieces
White Choc Chip Cookies
Classic American style cookies baked with white chocolate chip pieces
Double Choc Chip Cookies
American style chocolate cookies with chocolate chip pieces
Traditional gingerbread recipe made with treacle (like grandma used to make) and shaped into men, women, animals or any other shape you can think of!
Mini Eccles Cakes
Spiced currants encased in a sweet pastry case with a golden sugar topping.
Mini sized makes these perfect for wedding favours!